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Factory Kingdom
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Cheat: Infinite money.
  • Factory Kingdom Screenshot
  • Factory Kingdom Screenshot
  • Factory Kingdom Screenshot
  • Factory Kingdom Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite money.

Game Description

Become the ruler of the fashionable Factory Kingdom in this fun-addicting management game. You start with just one simple room. Use your seed money to purchase some inventory and hire seamstresses. Use your earnings to expand your fashion business by buying more space, desks and for sure hiring more employees as you focussing on gaining much more money, huray! Much fun.

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  • this is an awsome game EVER!!!
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  • Holy Jesus! THIS is what's wrong with the internet:
    1: If games/videos have comment sections,people try to make others sub their YT channel or scoffs about being the first comment !!!It's not cool.
    2:Bad grammar is EVERYWHERE!!!Sometimes even adults do it and every kid(besides me)thinks this is the actual way to spell!
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    So what if I'm a kid and millions of you won't read this?Just be mature for once!!!!!
  • Someone ripped that off youtube from me didn't they?
  • @KofiJones your right but....I AM #2nd :DDDDD ....hey this is good game..
  • why there aint cheat of all research is done..??!!
  • I DONT CARE WHO FIRST OR WHAT Just Say Something Better Then Say Who 1st Or 2nd Or Any Number
  • Seriously, is there anything past the clothing factory?
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