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Last Mars Tower
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Cheat: Invulnerability. Infinite energy.
  • Last Mars Tower Screenshot
  • Last Mars Tower Screenshot
  • Last Mars Tower Screenshot
  • Last Mars Tower Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Invulnerability. Infinite energy.

Game Description

Humans are trying to take over Mars. Help the Martians defend their planet by taking control of their only remaining attack tower.

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  • 6th
  • 7th
  • why does everybody wanna be one of the first comments its plain dumb now please quit it
  • WE FU** 1ST
  • VincentRodrigues GO ON ****
  • Super Fun!!!!!
  • no good
  • che passa
  • Awesome Game
  • Soundtrack is also amazing
  • 10nth
  • 0th yeah
  • 11th... dang..
  • it is great but it would be better if there is Infinite money
  • the next person who posts what number they r i am going 2 kill them if u do post what number u r also post yor name and adress because then i can come 2 yor house and kill u
  • dylan can i help with that
  • dassinner126 i would b honered 4 u 2 help me KILL these people and how do u know my name? but instead of killing them i will suck out their souls
  • stop saying 1th 2th 3th etc
    its so gay and ridiculous
  • @HFG_Manager i agree
    youre the best hacker
    i know
    DP(Dave Petty)is working on HFG now
    he leave acarde pre hacks
  • @youmom23 Sorry, some of you may know Dave Petty (DPETTY) was fighting a battle against cancer. While there was long periods of hope and signs of promise, in the end his cancer was not able to be cured... R.I.P. We will never forget you...
  • he was a great man
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