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Builder Brawl
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Cheat: Lots of health.
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  • Builder Brawl Screenshot
  • Builder Brawl Screenshot
  • Builder Brawl Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Lots of health.

Game Description

Builders Brawl is the ultimate turn based artillery game, featuring 35 power-packed weapons! Try to take down the opposing team on various landscapes throughout the campaign mode, or try your hand at the deathmatch mode. Inspired by the iconic Worms series, this game is sure to blow your mind.

How To Play

Arrow Keys = Move
WASD = Camera
Up/Down = Aim
Spacebar = Shoot/Attack
Q = Weapons Menu
E = Switch Builders
P = Pause
M = Mute 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 = Cycle through available weapons

To use cheats, go to the pause screen or main menu screen and click OPTIONS.
Then type in your code to turn cheats on/off.
"ultimateweaponswhite" - White team will have unlimited weapons!
"ultimateweaponsred" - Red team will have unlimited weapons!
"crashtestdummy" - CPU team will not fight back!
"rockhard" - Terrain can't be destroyed
"bouncybuilder" - Builders can jump higher
"kimjongil" - Missiles rain
"angermanagement" - Double damage
"acalmsummerday" - No wind
"galeforce" - Extremely strong wind
"grimreaper" - All players have 1 health only
"healme" - 250 health for white team
"healhim" - 250 health for red team

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