Flagstaff: Chapter Two Hacked

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Flagstaff: Chapter Two
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Cheat: Press J to toggle infinite health.
  • Flagstaff: Chapter Two Screenshot
  • Flagstaff: Chapter Two Screenshot
  • Flagstaff: Chapter Two Screenshot
  • Flagstaff: Chapter Two Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press J to toggle infinite health.

Game Description

The adventure continues as the heroes emerge from the portal to confront the King’s arch-nemesis…

This is the second chapter of Flagstaff, a fantasy turn-based tactical game. You control a party of five heroes, searching for the truth behind an outbreak of madness in the King’s guards.

How To Play

The game is played primarily using the mouse, and the following keys:
SPACEBAR – while pressing spacebar, drag with left mouse button to scroll the world view.
WASD or arrow keys – scroll the world view.
M – toggle sound on/off.
SHIFT – select the next character.

Follow the in-game tutorial for further help.

Play Flagstaff: Chapter Three.

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